Let's Celebrate National Dog Biscuit Day!

What celebration could be more welcome for a pup than National Dog Biscuit Day? This is a fantastic opportunity to try out some new natural treats for dogs or reward your pup for their love and companionship with a tasty chew.

Let's check out some of the best dog treats to add to your pet shopping list in honour of their favourite festive occasion.

To keep it fresh, we'll explore some less obvious choices, which can be combined with a dog biscuity treat, or used to spice up your treat drawer with something a little different!

  • Fishy Flavours

A lot of dog treats come in traditional flavours (think beef, chicken, lamb). Why not delight your pup's taste buds with some snacks or chews in a tasty fishy flavour?

Packed with minerals and vitamins, you'll find options such as Sea Jerky, White Fish Treats, and even Sushi Training Treats in the AllPetSolutions range.

  • Seasonal Snacks

Another alternative to a regular biscuit is to look for soft snack bones, chewy rewards and seasonal dog's food that will bring a little excitement to dinnertime!

Try out Puppy Soft Snack Bones, Pigs in Blankets or a delicious Mega Chewy Twist. These help keep your dog's teeth and gums fresh and clean, while also being an excellent incentive for being on their best behaviour.

  • Spread the Love

If you have an older pup or a small set of paws that struggle with hard, dense biscuits, a pate is an option that canine of any age will adore! We stock all sorts of spreads and pastes, all doggy friendly, of course.

There are very few pups that won't drool for a Liver or Salmon Pate treat!

  • Sweet Treats

Lastly, we'd recommend looking at sweeter treat options as a special celebration - or, if you're crafty, to use to bake your very own personalised dog treats.

Our Peanut Butter is 100% dog-approved, and the Woof Butter comes with supplements to naturally support the joint movement, for an all in one favourite that never fails to delight.

We hope your favourite paws will enjoy exploring these treats for dogs, and have just as much fun celebrating National Dog Biscuit Day, as we will!