Ways to Celebrate International Guide Dog Day

Guide dogs make a tremendous difference to the lives of people around the world - and International Guide Dog Day is a brilliant opportunity to celebrate the value pooches bring, and how they deserve a little recognition!

Here are some of our favourite ways to observe this waggy holiday:

  1. Adopt a Guide Dog.

You can sponsor a guide dog puppy through the Guide Dogs for the Blind charity, and help train up a new generation of paws to keep providing this life-changing service.

  1. Focus on Dog Training.

When you've seen the astonishing training guide dogs receive, it's easy to feel incentivised to work on your own pup behaviour! Try investing in new harnesses for dogs for your pet, or maybe start clicker training, or learning a new party trick!

  1. Raise Awareness.

Whether that's through raising some funds at a coffee morning with your fellow dog lovers, having a chat about guide dogs on your walk, or proudly displaying your supporter's car sticker.

  1. Learn About Canine Social Interactions.

Assistance dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and it's vital to be considerate of other pet owners.

Look out for a lead for dogs in bright yellow or green, or service dog collars that identify them as a working animal who might not be keen to interact with your pup whilst they're on duty.

  1. Rehome a Guide Dog.

It takes a very special mutt to become a professional guide dog, and unfortunately, very few pups have the patience, intellect and skills to reach this level!

Guide dogs for rehoming are often whip-smart but lack the focus and steadiness to live permanently with a sight-impaired person, so if you're thinking of expanding your pack of paws, they make wonderful pets.

For more ideas to treat your pup and make them feel loved on this special day for dogs, visit AllPetSolutions - and don't forget to let us know how you celebrate International Guide Dogs Day!