Cat harness - How to walk your cat on a lead and why you should

Many cat parents think their cats won’t like going for a walk. The truth is that some cats love walking while others enjoy the outdoors but prefer to just sit around outside.

Whether you’re taking your cat for a short walk or just out in the garden, a harness gives them a safer way to explore the world.

Outdoor cats face a lot of dangers, including fights with other animals, injuries from cars, and the possibility of getting lost. Indoor cats, on the other hand, are closed in a confined space and don’t get the opportunity to get some fresh air. A cat harness and leash means cats can enjoy themselves whilst being safe under their parent supervision.

Cat harness is perfect for:

  • Cats who might get lost
  • Getting some fresh air for cats that live in flats
  • Keeping your cats safe and out of trouble by avoiding fights with other animals and injuries from cars
  • Vet and grooming appointments

What cat harness should I get? 

A well-fitting harness will keep your cat safe and comfortable when walking. There are two basic cat harness styles on the market:

  • “H” type - consists of a few straps that go around the cat’s neck and waist to distribute pressure
  • Vest type – they come in different sizes and a huge choice of patterns/colours. This type of harness fits around a cat’s chest like a vest and clips on their back
Our small dog vest harnesses are suited for cats as well.

Can a cat be walked on a leash? 

Absolutely but only when used with a harness, not a collar. Unlike dogs, cats’ throats are soft and they can choke if walked this way.

Your cat will need to get used to wearing a harness. First, get them used to wearing the harness and leash around the house. After a few days, take them outside the front door. Each day, take your cat further and further, until they’re comfortable with the idea of walking with the harness on. Some cats may never be comfortable walking down a busy street, so take cues from your cat and stick to more quiet areas.

How tight should a cat harness be? 

Your cat’s harness shouldn’t be too loose or she might escape. It also shouldn’t be too tight or your feline might be uncomfortable. For good fit, you should be able to slip no less than one finger in between cat’s body and the harness.