How Many Dog Bowls Does My Dog Need?

Do you need just one bowl for your dog? What do you do when one needs a wash, and dinnertime is fast approaching?

Is it worth having a spare in case they break their dog bowls or one in the car for on your travels? There's a lot to think about!

Generally, most dogs need two, one for water, and one for food. Our Double Bowl Feeder is a perfect option and keeps your dog feeding station nicely organised.

If you feed wet or raw food, it's advisable to have two interchangeable stainless steel dog bowls so you can pop the dirty one in the dishwasher, as leaving wet food in a bowl can attract flies and cause a poorly tummy for your pop.

Which Dog Bowls Last the Longest?

For longevity, a stainless non slip dog bowl is your best bet - metal can't be smashed or cracked by a clumsy pup, so is doubtless the most likely to last for years!

We use a stainless steel inner bowl in most of our best-selling dog food bowls, including the Non-Slip Melamine Bowl and our popular raised dog bowl, the Elevated Ripple design.

Ceramic is also a great option, and you will find a stack of choices when it comes to height, size, design and colour in our vast Dog Bowls range!

Do I Need a Separate Travel Bowl for My Dog?

If you travel regularly or need to drive to your preferred dog walking spot, it's always a good idea to have a water dog bowl or drinking bottle in the car with you.

Stainless bowls are very lightweight, so if you have a spare you can always pop this in the boot with a bottle of water and take it anywhere you go!

Alternatively, you could have a spare stashed away to avoid ever forgetting - the Trixie Dog Bowl is a simple option that is functional and convenient to carry.