How Long Do Cat Stands Last?

Towers for cats to scratch are designed to last, but a lot depends on the ferocity of your kitty's claws, and how much time they spend playing with their cat stands!

Great quality scratching post for cats should last at least a year or two. The AllPetSolutions team recommends only ever buying cat trees specifically made for felines. Natural rope and eco-friendly glue are safe for them to use, even if they get over-excited about gnawing and chewing.

If you have more than one cat, it's best to opt for a large cats scratch post, with enough room for more than one cat to play at once; extra-thick posts tend to last longer.

Outdoor cats tend to be a little gentler on their indoor scratching areas since they get the wear and tear of walking on brick, concrete and hard ground outside. You can expect to replace the cat tower posts more often for indoor kitties who need extra help keeping their claws at a comfy length.

What are the Best Scratching Posts for Cats?

Again, it's best to think about how many feline friends you have, how active they are, and what activities they like doing before you choose cat furniture!  

Our Large Jumbo Cat Scratching Post is excellent for bigger moggies, with an attached play ball to keep their catch and play instincts healthy.

The Large Cat Tree Tower has tunnels, nesting cubes, scratch posts and even a lookout tower for curious kittens! Trees for cats really are the ultimate playhouse!  

You can also purchase Cat Scratching Post placements, so not to worry if your feline loves their toy a little too much; you can always upgrade the posts when they become a little worse for wear.

Check out the full range of AllPetSolutions Cat Stands online for a massive range of options!