Maintaining a Healthy Coat on your Dog

A shiny, smooth coat is a sign of a happy, healthy dog - but what do you do when your dog's coat isn't looking in the best shape?

Dog Coats and Their Health

Sometimes a dull coat is a sign that your pup isn't getting quite the right nutrition from their diet. This can be due to all sorts of reasons, from underlying health conditions or allergies, through to age or levels of activity.

Choosing dog health supplements to enhance your furry friend's diet is often a simple way to bring back a bounce to their step and the gloss to their coat. Multivitamin Paste is a great all-rounder and can help every dog feel their best.

Feeding a healthy food for dogs is also essential so that you know your paws are getting everything they need at dinnertime.

Every pooch is different, and the best dog food for your paws may be specific to their age. It's always worth checking out different dog food if you have any concerns about your pup's nutrition - some dogs are even gluten intolerant, and a quick switch to a grain-free food can make a significant difference!

Try out the Burns Sensitive Complete food for doggies with sensitive tummies, or a grain-free food like AATU Complete to see if this helps.

Grooming for Dogs

If your dog has a quality diet and is otherwise fit and healthy, a dull or matted coat may simply need some TLC! Even shorthaired breeds like to roll and adventure, and can easily pick up dirt, dust and debris.

Matting in dog coats can cause skin inflammations, uncomfortable pulling and tugging at their skin, and mean their coat ends up looking a little worse for wear. Using grooming brushes for dogs will keep their fur looking fluffy, as well as being a great way to wind down!

You can use a Double-Sided dog groom brush, which can both remove knots and also smooth your dog's coat. 

Another one of the best dog brushes for tangled coats is a Dematting Rake, which takes away the old fur under your pup's topcoat, and helps them feel comfy while also allowing the healthy fluff to breathe and grow!

Whenever you choose your grooming brushes for dogs, look out for a non-slip handle and gentle wire bristles to ensure you can groom with ease, and your mutt will love the attention!