Should You Start Feeding Birds in Autumn?

Autumn / fall is the best time to start putting bird food out on your bird tables or filling up your bird feeders - summer and early autumn are usually easy times of the year for birds to find ample food, but as the weather gets cooler, they appreciate a little help!

What Can I Feed My Garden Birds in Autumn?

In colder weather, birds need plenty of high-energy fats, so fat balls are a popular choice! Fat balls & suet feeders are fantastic for autumn and winter because they have a rich mixture of healthy seeds and nuts.

Check out our comprehensive range of Wild Bird Food for more ideas, and be sure to include some mealworms if you're keen on attracting a wide array of robins and other native species to your garden!

When Should I Stop Feeding Birds?

The best option is to keep leaving out bird food year-round. Fat balls & suet feeders are perfect for autumn and winter, but you can feed wild bird food any time, ensuring birds keep returning to your home.

What Should You Not Feed Wild Birds?

The rule of thumb is that bird food should always be specifically designed for birds - although you can sometimes leave scraps on your bird tables or in your window feeders, it can be dangerous.

Predators are more likely to explore your bird feeders if there is leftover food, and human food is packed with salt, preservatives and sugars that are harmful to some birds.

What Are the Best Bird Feeders for Autumn or Fall?

Window feeders are great if you live in a flat or don't have a large outdoor space - our Clear Plastic Window Bird Feeder is a wonderful way to get up close to wild birds without disturbing them!

We also have a selection of pest-proof and decorative Bird Feeders, with options to hang in your garden or add to bird tables.