Should I Continue to Feed the Birds During the Summer Months?

It's a common misconception that birds only use a bird feed station in the winter - the opposite is true!

Leaving rich, fatty bird food out in the cold weather is a great way to support our native wild birds, but they're also raising chicks in the warmer weather and can still use a helping hand.

Is it OK to Feed the Birds All Year Around?

Birds might not visit your bird feeder as often in the summer (because they need slightly less), but they will still be grateful for some tasty sunflower seeds left out in their bird food bowl!

The summer months are all about raising little feathers, so choosing a quality Wild Bird Food will make your garden the number one spot to nest next year!

When is the Best Time to Clean the Bird Feeder?

Our extensive range of Bird Feeders includes several easy-clean tables and stands that you can wipe down at any time.

If you have a bird nesting box or an enclosed bird feed station, try and clean it during the early autumn, between nesting and the winter, when birds have a richer crop of natural berries.

Putting up a beautiful box like our gorgeous Beach Hut Bird Nest Box and leaving out regular bird food will mean you get repeat visitors all year round.

Should I Leave a Bird Nesting Box Up in the Summer?

You should absolutely leave bird nesting boxes in situ during the spring and summer - this is when baby chicks are just getting their feathers and rely on bird food and boxes to stay safe from predators.

We should never trim trees or hedges at this time either without an extremely careful inspection because tiny nests are often hidden out of view.

October or November are the best times to give your bird nesting boxes and bird feed station a clean.

Last year's little ones will have flown the nest, and you won't risk disturbing a young family. Give it a thorough clean, and you'll make sure there aren't any bugs or fleas left behind for next year's baby birds.