New Fauna Luxury Retractable Tape Dog Leads at AllPetSolutions

AllPetSolutions is delighted to introduce a brand new range of Fauna retractable dog leash products in a gorgeous range of elegant pastels and rich natural shades.

Our Fauna range is renowned for offering expert-designed retractable dog leads that perform perfectly, whether walking your dog to heel or training a naughty pup with their recall!

What to Look For in the Best Retractable Dog Leads?

Let's help make the process of searching for a faultless extendable dog lead a little easier!

Each retractable dog leash in the Fauna range provides outstanding performance, with incredible features that make walking even the cheekiest paws a breeze:

  • Fast lock and unlock functions, enabling you to secure your pup or let them roam.
  • Superb quality materials with long-lasting, high-durable nylon for strength.
  • Anti-slip handles for comfort and maintaining an excellent grip (even with a puller!).
  • Leash feeders that are anti-tangle, anti-twist, and have a weather-resistant, 360 rotating lobster clip - tangled leads and knots be gone!

What Are the Benefits of an Extendable Dog Lead?

Extendable dog leads are perfect for training little fluffies to walk to heel or keeping older dogs safe if they aren't keen on social interactions.

One of the biggest challenges for dog owners is typically that the rope gets so easily twisted. It can be tricky to manage, and untangling a retractable dog leash isn't always easy!

Fauna's development team has fixed those problems, with an intelligent design created by dog lovers, for dog lovers - to make walkies a happier place to be.

These brand new retractable leads also come with a FREE gift from us to you!

Your complementary lead attachment is included with every new Fauna extendable dog lead, ensuring your brand new leash remains chew free.

How is a Fauna Retractable Tape Dog Lead Safer?

The broader tape is 1.2 cm wide, making the Fauna range at the forefront of comfort.

If you've ever trapped a finger in a thin extendable dog lead wire, or found that the rope knots and jams the lead casing - you'll know that this design feature makes a huge difference!

We are proud to have developed the best retractable dog lead on the market, with exacting attention to detail. Fauna leashes make your walk safer, your dog easier to handle and come in a stunning range of colours, from blush pink to mint green, deep teal to our favourite lilac shade.