How to Encourage My Dog to Wear a Harness?

All dogs need time to get used to new things, and a dog that has only ever worn a collar might get quite anxious about wearing dog harnesses!

Remember that there is a stack of reasons to opt for a harness:

  • They make your pup easier to control on the lead.
  • Harnesses for large dogs are essential if they pull or show negative behaviours.
  • Collars can cause tugging, chafing and soreness around a dog's neck.
  • Reflective dog harnesses are much easier for cars to see in the dark.

That in mind, it's always wise to persevere with harness training and let your dog get confident on the harness at their own pace.

Tips for Introducing a Harness to a Nervous Dog

First things first, make sure your harness has the right fit. One that is too tight can cause significant discomfort, and a loose harness won't be any good for keeping your dog safe.

Secondly, don't introduce your dog to their new harness on their first walk. Let them smell it in the house where they feel confident, and if they're very anxious, leave it lying around, so they get used to it without the stress of having to wear it.

Next, take your time. If you put on the harness and it spooks your dog, try leaving it just a minute or two, and increase the time gradually until they realise it isn't anything terrible.

Before long, your pup will forget they are wearing it and will be delighted to put on their harness ready for walkie time!

Choosing a Comfortable Dog Harness

Selecting a harness that is soft against your dog's skin will make the process much more manageable - check out:

  • The Pink Polka Dot Reflective Harness for dogs who like a little glamour with in-built reflective strips for roadside safety!
  • Our Grey and White Checked Dog Harness for gentleman pooches to step out onto the streets in style.
  • Ruffwear's Teal Dog Harness for larger breeds, in sizing available up to Extra Large.

You can visit the full range of Dog Harnesses at the AllPetSolutions website; always check the size guide against your dog's measurements to ensure you get the perfect fit!