Environmentally Friendly Dog Beds at All Pet Solutions

At AllPetSolutions we’re serious about minimising the impact we have on the environment. Innovation and new ways of doing things is key for tackling global issues like climate change and reducing our carbon footprint.

What Are We Doing to Help?

We at All Pet Solutions manufacture many of the products we sell including our dog beds, dog harnesses, cat scratching posts and much more. This gives us the advantage in choosing what materials we want to work with as well as ensuring style, quality and comfort are maintained; it’s important to us that you have a happy pet!

Plastic Waste

Single use plastic is a major concern around the globe right now. Our range of Alfie, Charlie and Dexter dog beds are filled with Polyester Fibres to create a soft and comfortable stuffing. These are made from 100% recycled plastics, which mean we are able to help reduce plastic waste through recycling and reusing. The only exceptions in these ranges are the memory foam dog beds which are not 100% recycled.

Reduced Packaging

Another way we look to help the environment is by reducing the amount of packaging used in our products. Our beds come a long way and to help reduce their carbon footprint we vac pack them flat. Once received, open them up and let them puff up to be soft and comfy – this process can take up to 24 hours.
Doing this significantly reduces the space in the shipping containers and packing when receiving them into our warehouse. This space saving is passed to our customers and means we do not need to use such large boxes and packaging.
If you want to browse of selection of dog beds, please see our full range of dog beds.