Should I Hire a Dog Walker Now I'm Going Back to Work?

Millions of people across the UK have welcomed a beautiful bundle of fluff to their home over the last year. With lockdowns and furlough, it's meant spending more time in one place and having the opportunity to get a pet.

You might also be going back to work after parental leave, for example, and be concerned about leaving your pup alone for a large part of the day.

Dog sitters are a great option if:

  • Your canine companion has become used to 24/7 company.
  • Work hours are long, and you'll be away all day.
  • You don't have neighbours or family nearby who can pop around for a dog walk.
  • Your dog has any separation anxiety.

Some dogs will be very content to sleep away the day after the excitement of their morning dog walking exercise - but few will be relaxed if they're alone for long hours.

Tips to Keep Your Pup Happy When at Work

If you work away from home only occasionally, or there is a small gap of a couple of hours between family members coming home, you might decide that a budget for dog sitters isn't necessary.

Still, it's vital to remember that unsettled and anxious dogs can experience a wide range of health issues, and stress leads to chewing and sometimes total house destruction!

Here are a few tips:

  • Always go on a long dog walk as close as you can to the time you're due to leave.
  • Invest in some stimulating interactive toys to keep your pup active.
  • Think about some dog stress and anxiety relief supplements or holistic healthcare remedies to keep an uneasy pup calm.

You know your dog, and you know how long they're happy to be alone without becoming upset.

If you've been around for the last few months, the AllPetSolutions team recommends building up to your first shift away. If you leave for a short period, extending it slightly each time, your pup will soon understand that you do go out from time to time and will inevitably find it a lot less stressful!