How To Groom your Dog at Home

Grooming your pet promotes blood circulation, keeps tangles at bay and it gives you a chance to check for skin problems, fleas and other pesky unwanted visitors.

Women have bobbles, clips, slides and a million other bits and pieces to keep their hair looking presentable. What does your faithful friend have? You! Yes people, you can keep your pet looking neat and tidy with our tips for home dog grooming. All you need is some top quality grooming products and a bit of patience.

Dog shampoo is your best friend

Sometimes all your pet needs is a simple dog bath to look Instagram ready. Leave your dog’s fur shiny and silky soft, so they smell as amazing as they do when you collect them from the groomers, by using one of our dog shampoos.

Dogs with sensitive skin will benefit from Johnson’s Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo, which has an extra-mild formula, leaving coat clean and fresh whilst helping to avoid skin problems. 

Dogs with white coats should be washed using Pet Head’s White Party Brightening Dog Shampoo, which brings out the natural sparkle in your pet’s coat and strengthens and rehydrates their fur.

If you notice fleas or flea dirt, start treating your precious pup by giving them a bath using Beaphar Flea Shampoo for dogs. It’s suitable for puppies and kills fleas on contact whilst leaving a clean and glossy coat. 

Looking for something to tame your dog’s tangles? Pet Head’s Furtastic Crème Rinse Dog Conditioner is perfect for dogs with curly and long hair and it smells like blueberries!

Use a coat spray to refresh your dog’s fur

Designed to be used after a bath or anytime in between, simply spritz some dog perfume onto your dog’s coat to make them instantly smell their best. Classy canines are the perfect match for the sweet and mysterious Ancol Kennel 5 Dog Cologne while Ancol’s Old Spike Dog Spray will suit stronger, masculine dogs.

Use dog wipes for a quick clean up

Dog wipes are great for a quick cleanup in between bath sessions. Pet Head’s Orangelicious Paw & Body Wipes will keep your dog looking good, feeling great and smelling fantastic.

Invest in a great dog brush

Sometimes, it takes more than a simple dog bath to get your pooch looking and smelling good. The All Pet Solutions dematting rake is especially helpful if your dog has a longer coat. It’s great at reducing loose hair from shedding and removing mats and tangles of all sizes without irritating your pet’s sensitive skin.

For everyday use, pick up our All Pet Solutions Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush. Easy to clean with its one-click button, it penetrates deeply into you dog’s coat without hurting them.

Don’t forget about the paws

Purr-fect your pup nail trimming with All Pet Solutions dog nail clippers. They feature an innovative safety stop to greatly reduce risk of injury.

Make sure your dog’s paws are nice and soft with Pet Head’s Oatmeal Paw Butter, made from natural ingredients, it soothes and nourishes dry cracked paws.

Make sure your dog’s eyes and ears are clean

Johnson's Clean 'n' Safe Eye & Ear Wipes can be used daily to gently clean any wax discharge or debris from your pup’s ears and eyes.

Last but not least, make sure your dog has no tears left to cry with Johnson’s Veterinary Diamond Eyes tear stain remover.