What Are The Most Common Birds in the UK?

Having spent more time at home this last year than ever before, millions of UK families are starting to look closer at their gardens and recognise the incredible diversity of species we get to experience living right alongside us!

Learning how to spot different wild bird species and recognise their unique songs is a brilliant way for kids to really connect with nature and see the beauty all around us.

Leaving out food for birds is a first step to ensuring you get to see some of Britain's favourite winged friends, so make sure you choose a nutritious, healthy bird food they will adore!

Britain's Top Five Wild Bird Species

Here is a quick rundown of the five most commonly spotted species - how many do you see visiting your garden to visit their human friends who love feeding the birds?

  1. Wrens
  2. Robins
  3. House sparrows
  4. Woodpigeons
  5. Blackbirds

If you'd like to see more colourful wings in your garden, a great place to start is checking out the AllPetSolutions Birds Catalogues.

We stock everything from beautiful bird feeders to bird accessories such as nesting boxes, bird tables and bird baths so your tiny cheerful visitors can find everything they need in your garden.

Using a bird feeder is also an excellent way for children to get involved and select tasty treats to help the less common species thrive, especially when the weather is damp and cold.

You can also think about fitting birds boxes and keeping a close ear out for the pitter-patter of tiny wings in the coming months!

Making your garden wild bird friendly also means keeping them safe, so it's best to put your bird feeder at least two metres from the ground and perhaps a little higher if you are the proud owner of a fluffy feline who is persistent in their pestering.