How to Choose the Right Size Dog Bed

Your dog's bed is their safe place, where they feel comfortable and relaxed. It's important to get a bed that your dog is happy and comfortable to sleep in.

Choosing the perfect size dog bed

The best way to ensure that you're getting the perfect size dog bed is to measure your dog for a bed, just as you would measure for clothing.

Measuring your dog

To get the sprawl length measurements, you‚ll need to get your pooch to stand up nicely and using a measuring tape check these distances:

  • From the nose to the backend where the tail begins
  • Front legs from the shoulder to the ground
  • Back legs from the shoulder to the ground

How to measure your dog for a bed

Now add the three measurements together and subtract half the length of the front legs.

Once you know your dog’s sprawl length you are ready to make a choice from our wide range of dog beds. Each dog bed has a size guide showing the internal measurements of the bed so that you can find the perfect match for your dog.

Things to consider when choosing a dog bed size:

  • Age is a factor – some dogs afflicted with joint issue find it more comfortable to stretch out. If your dog is getting older and requires more support, you may wish to choose a dog bed which relieves pressure on the spine and joints such as our All Pet Solutions Dexter Memory Foam Orthopaedic Dog Bed.
  • Dog that likes to curl up when sleeping - many dogs sleep in a curled-up position to keep themselves warm and feel safe. Most bed sizes will work in this case, as long as you don’t pick a bed that’s too small. If your dog likes to curl up, they’ll love our All Pet Solutions Alfie Dog Bed with its structured high sides for added cosiness.
  • Dog that likes to stretch out when sleeping - a larger bed, such as our All Pet Solutions Bella Large Dog Pillow, will be the best choice to prevent any discomfort for a dog that likes to stretch out. A dog bed with a lot of extra room will also provide good support for dogs with joint problems.
  • When in doubt:  Always get the larger size. A bed that’s a bit bigger won't hurt as long as it will fit in your room.