Camping or Hiking With Your Dog

Dogs thrive in outdoor environments and can be excellent company if you want to try camping along the British coastline or hiking in the beautiful countryside!

However, preparation is key to a successful dogs hiking or camping trip (especially with the notoriously unpredictable UK weather).

Let's run through some tips from AllPetSolutions to ensure you're ready for anything, whether you're planning to go camping or hiking with dogs.

Are Dogs Allowed on Campsites in the UK?

Most campsites will happily permit family pups, but checking before you travel is best.

Note that you'll always need a couple of spare dog leads as campsites or country parks usually require pets to be leashed at all times.

It's also good to stock up on poop-scoop bags and bring extra dog blankets or dog coats because it can get pretty chilly at night even if the week starts gloriously sunny.

Check out our huge Dog Blankets range for inspiration.

If you're hiking, we suggest a reflective waterproof dog jacket just in case (they fold nicely to stash in your backpack).

The Waterproof Warm Jacket comes in a brilliant pink you'll be able to spot in the undergrowth, or the snuggly Reflective Waterproof Dog Rain Coat also comes in sizes Small to Large.

What to Do With Dogs While Camping in the Summer?

Try to research your camping destination beforehand - older dogs may not cope well with steep hikes, and you need to know about any hazards, deep water or free-roaming farm animals in the area.

Otherwise, the best way to enjoy camping or hiking with dogs is to bring everything you need for their comfort and safety.

A dog Cooling Vest is highly advisable to ensure they don't overheat, and a portable dog bowl is essential - you can view our Portable Travel Bowls online.

How Do I Keep My Dog Comfortable in a Tent?

Tents can get hot and sticky, so your pup might prefer to sleep outside where it's a bit cooler (a staked long leash is necessary if you are at a public campsite).

You can also bring some toys or a lick mat to keep your dog entertained, set up a comfy dog sleeping area with their dog blankets and make sure you've been on plenty of exciting sniffy walks before bedtime, so they're well and truly ready for a nap!

Our expert tip: set up the tent at home in the garden, and let your dog explore.

They'll be much happier sleeping or resting in a tent when it's familiar and nothing strange or new that might cause anxiety.