What to Buy From AllPetSolutions This Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday is the retail event of the year, and if you're after some amazing discounts on top-quality pet products, Christmas gifts for your favourite animal friends, or a top-up on essentials for the wildlife in your garden, we have you covered.

This guide from AllPetSolutions highlights some of the best value deals available this Black Friday, 2022 but be quick because stocks are limited!

Huge Discounts on Dog Products

Our Black Friday promotions include some of our best-selling products for pups, paws, and four-legged family members.

  • Dog Harnesses: festive tartan dog harnesses with all-important reflective strips to keep your dog safe, visible and under control on your wintery walks.
  • Dog Beds: shop our comfiest ever dog bed, a favourite for all breeds to snuggle down and relax during the long evenings.
  • Retractable Dog Leads: super-safe retractable leads with comfort grips and varying lead lengths to help train younger puppies or encourage dogs to make the most of their sniffy walks.
  • Rope Leads: fantastic quality rope leads for walks in all British weather conditions, with durable natural fibres and mud-resistant finishes.
  • Double Dog Bowls and Dog Bowl Mats: we have multiple excellent discounts on functional, dishwasher-safe dog bowls, non-slip mats and dual feeders for hungry pets!

Black Friday Deals on Doggie Clothing

After a cosy dog jumper, waterproof coat, reflective dog jacket or Christmassy gift? Check out our time-limited discounts on Dog Clothing to get your pet's presents ticked off at an unbeatable price.

Shop the AllPetSolutions Cat Products Sale

Not forgetting our feline furries, we have included an equally extensive list of purr-tastic cat products in our Black Friday offers.

  • Litter Boxes: whether you're welcoming the pitter-patter of kitten paws to your home or need to upgrade your litter box, there has never been a better time to buy!
  • Dual Door Litter Boxes: ideal for multi-cat households, hygiene and odour control, dual-door litter boxes are the ultimate in litter box luxury.
  • Clumping and Silica Cat Litter: Black Friday is a fab opportunity to stock up on the basics and have a supply of top-quality cat litter with advanced clumping and moisture control properties.
  • Collars for Cats and Kittens: treat your cat to a gorgeous new collar, invest in a reflective, safety collar for outdoor adventurers, or find a discounted kitten collar to make your new arrival feel right at home.
  • Cat Stands and Toys: no cat product sale would be complete without some interactive toys, cat stands for scratching heaven, and proud perches for cats who like a relaxed place to snooze.

Must-Have Bird and Wildlife Products for Winter

A few well-placed bird feeders, bird boxes and bird tables can transform your garden, inviting native wild bird species to your home year-round and we've put together some amazing deals to help you get started.

  • Bird Nesting Boxes are ideal for cold winter months and mean you might be lucky enough to see the first flight of a new family of chicks come the spring!
  • Wild Bird Food is essential to help songbirds and little red Robins stay warm, well-fed, and healthy even during frosty days and icy evenings.
  • Finally, our discounted Bird Feeders are a great way to attract birds and feathered friends while ensuring they are safe to snack far out of the reach of predators.

All of these star products and many more are available NOW to order from AllPetSolutions order before 3 pm and we'll get your parcel dispatched the same day.

We hope you enjoy our Black Friday selection and snag a bargain from our biggest-ever sale!