What is the Best Bird Feeder?

Having a bird feeder in your garden or outdoor space is the best way to leave out food for birds that won't attract predators or other pests you're not so keen to have visiting your home!

An elevated bird feeder is an excellent option since beautiful wild birds will stop by for a treat and a song without being at risk of being disturbed.

It's important to remember that birds are shy creatures, so whether you're putting out food for birds or birds boxes in the hope of having some tiny chicks, it's essential to choose a great quality bird feeder that is suited to the types of native species you expect to see.

What Should I Look for in a Bird Feeder?

There are lots of bird accessories you can add to your garden. These elegant pieces are child-friendly and provide a focal point, completed by colourful wings and visiting songbirds.

If you opt for bird baths alongside a place to put your bird food, you'll likely increase your visitors since your garden will be a safe space to eat, wash and play.

The best bird feeders will be:

  • Suitable size for your property - hanging bird feeders can be hung anywhere (two metres or higher), but a bird table should fit nicely into the space, so you don't need to move it and potentially disrupt your wild bird's feeding patterns.
  • Weatherproof - hanging feeders with lips or lids and bird tables with roofs are ideal. We're prone to just a little rain here in the UK, so keeping the water at bay will ensure your bird food is fresh and doesn't get damp or mouldy.
  • Made from natural materials. AllPetSolutions stocks a massive range of feeders, from timbers to pine cones - these materials are non-toxic to birds and a familiar environment, which will encourage them to explore.

Besides ensuring your feeder is a safe space for feeding the birds, they can also be a cheerful addition! We love our brightly coloured bird houses, charming fat ball feeders and super-cute acorn dispenser as they add a sense of fun and playfulness to every garden.

For more ideas about the best bird feeders for your garden, visit the vast range of options at AllPetSolutions!