What Are the Benefits of a Bug Hotel?

A bug hotel might seem like a simple addition to your garden - but without insects, even the most avid gardeners will struggle to maintain beautiful blooms and tasty veggies.

The best insects garden benefits from natural pest control, higher pollination and avoids aphids and other intruders from decimating your prize roses.

Today the AllPetSolutions team runs through three of the top reasons to install a bugs hotel in your garden and why they are so beneficial.

Building a Natural Insects Garden

We might be mistaken in thinking that an insects garden is harmful. After all, don't we spend lots of effort keeping our flowerbeds and greenhouses free from insects?

Many native British insects are hugely advantageous and carry out thousands of small tasks that combine to create a healthy ecosystem.

Bug houses encourage crafty spiders, which will catch and eat flies, ladybirds, which will snack on your leaf eaters, and beetles that work diligently to aerate your soil.

A bugs hotel ensures that all these helpful worker insects and pollinators have somewhere safe to sleep and rest before their new day's work begins.

Supporting Garden-Friendly Bugs With a Bugs Hotel

Urbanisation factors mean that our important pollinators, often-solitary insects, are driven out - making it harder to maintain a healthy garden environment, particularly in cities.

A bugs house can attract tiny minibeasts that don't live in colonies and often hibernate in the winter, such as ladybirds, butterflies, buzzing bees and moths.

Warm, dry spaces in a bugs hotel ensure they continue to contribute to the life cycle in your garden, helping other scarce species such as hedgehogs stay healthy and well.

Maintain Bug Houses as a Family

Finally, bug houses are a brilliant learning opportunity, helping you engage with the natural life that fills your garden and enabling smaller children to understand more about these incredible bugs.

Watching tiny creatures grow is a wonderful way to make bug houses an educational opportunity and get to know the secret lives that take place in your insects garden every day.