How Often Should You Replace a Cat Litter Tray?

Most cat litter boxes are designed to last a good few years. However, they are usually made of plastic, as a hardwearing, wipe-clean material, so there is potential for cracks to develop.

If you have several cats or a larger breed that likes to scratch up their litter tray liners, you might find that wear and tear accumulates, and it's time for a replacement!

Other times you should consider a new cat litter box include:

  • If it's started to become porous and holding onto odours.
  • Where stains have developed over time.
  • When excitable kitties have cracked or scratched away the surface of the plastic.

The great news is that AllPetSolutions has a vast range of cat litter trays, with sizes and styles to suit every moggie!

Which are the Best Cat Litter Trays for Durability?

Nowadays, litter trays are a lot more advanced than a basic box! Hooded cat litter trays are perfect for shy kitties that like privacy. The lid can be unclipped for fast cleaning and changing the litter.

Litter tray liners are also a great way to extend the life of your litter box and absorb pee and odours to keep them looking and smelling fresh for longer.

Our Modern Cat Litter Box is a top-seller, with a cool spherical design and smart carbon filter to catch and neutralise odours.

If you're looking for a tough litter box, we'd suggest looking for an extra-deep base, leaving plenty of room for a generous amount of cat litter. This layer does all the dirty work, preserving the tray's colour and finish so it will last much longer.

For older moggies, our recommendation would be to opt for a replacement cat litter box with lower sides. These are much easier to step in and out of for older paws and avoid aggravating arthritis.