How Long Does Cat Litter Last?

Changing the litter tray is an essential task if you have a kitty at home, but by choosing a high-quality clumping cat litter, you can make it much easier - and need to do it less often!

Most of the best cat litter brands last around two to three weeks if you're cleaning the tray each day. That applies to non-toxic and low-dust litters designed to absorb high volumes of liquid without releasing odours or creating hygiene problems.

Using a scooper to remove the wet or clumped litter is a great option, and means that you can top up the clean litter without needing a full clean every day or so.

Which Cat Litter Lasts the Longest?

There are lots of different litters available, so it depends on your cat. If you have a sensitive sense of smell, a scented cat litter might be your top choice!

Clumping cat litter with eco-friendly materials is the perfect choice for the majority of cats. The clumps form in seconds, trapping odours, and can be scooped out daily without making the rest of the litter tray dirty.

Silica cat litters tend to last the longest but are not suitable for ingesting, so aren't recommended for kittens that might chew on stray pieces of litter.

You can also invest in litter tray liners that make cleaning that bit easier. Simply slide out the liner, replace and fill your litter box with fresh litter, and you're good to go!

Having a scoop always to hand is also useful, and means you can regularly pick up any messes, without needing to spend lots of time on a thorough clean.

Non-scented, clay litters are an excellent option for sensitive kitties. They use natural, biodegradable materials that are used harmoniously in homes with allergies and are safe for the environment.

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