What is a Good Cat Litter?

Choosing the best cat litter for your budget can sometimes seem a little tricky; is that more expensive brand really worth the extra cost? How can you decide which litter your kitty will prefer? Is clumping cat litter compatible with a self-cleaning litter box?

Let's explain what to look out for!

  • Silica cat litter is a commonly used option, and controls odours and lasts longer than clay litters. They are a little pricier, though, and shouldn't be eaten by cheeky kitties, so clay is a better choice if your cat likes to nibble on their litter.
  • Clumping cat litter is the ideal and a top-selling product. The litter clumps around messes, making it easy and fast to clean up and with minimal smells.
  • Although not ideal for kitties with sensitivities, scented cat litter is another choice - unless you prefer a naturally scented product! These create a pleasant scent to keep your litter box fresh between cleans.
  • Recycled cat litter is an eco-friendly option, with litters available made from raw materials such as corn, pine and wheat.

What Should I Check for in a Cat Litter Product?

Some of the most important things to prioritise on your cat litter brand are:

  • Clumping performance (our Premium Clumping Cat Litter works in just three seconds!).
  • Non-toxic, with natural clays that are eco-friendly and safe.
  • Low dust - ideal for your cat's comfort and yours, especially if you have any allergies in the home!
  • Non-stick, to avoid needing to prise litter from the bottom of the tray come cleaning day.
  • High absorption, meaning the litter can cope with large pees or use by more than one cat, without needing immediate replacement.
  • Odour locks are also essential to avoid nasty smells accumulating.

There are hundreds of high-performance cat litters on the market, so if you know what properties to prioritise, you can select the best products for your cat.

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