Do Cats Like a Clean Cat Litter Box?

Some animals (we're looking at you, dogs!) are most content in a familiar smell. They won't think twice about leaping into a muddy bog, or nestling down in a stinky bed that is well overdue a wash.

Cats, on the other hand, are clean creatures. They're great at self-grooming, often adore a brush, and will definitely be happiest with a clean, fresh litter tray.

One of the easiest ways to cater to your kitty's preferences is to opt for a clumping cat litter. Clay material is eco-friendly and non-toxic and forms a clump in a matter of seconds! You can spot clean the litter tray daily with minimal fuss, and keep it fresh until the next litter replacement day.

How to Keep Your Cat Interested in Their Litter Tray

Cats often like to watch their humans change the cat litter - and it might seem odd if you don't know why! The reason is that they are not fans of stepping into dirty litter but don't have the opposable thumbs to do this job themselves.

Therefore, don't be surprised if your kitty watches expectantly, and waits to see when you've cleaned their litter, and it's good to use again!

Another factor to bear in mind if you're switching from a non-scented to a scented cat litter, for example, is that cats do have a strong sense of smell. If you replace their litter completely, and without warning, they might be anxious about using a litter tray that doesn't smell as it should.

One option to get around this is to slowly introduce a new litter and keep using a little of the old litter product over time until they're familiar with the new texture and scent.

Most cats need their litter replaced in full every week, or up to two weeks if you're using a clumping litter and carrying out a quick spot clean each day.

Bumper packs of 30-litre cat litter are the ideal option to keep that cleaning cost-effective!

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