Towels & Drying Coats for Dogs

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    Bathrobes & Towels for Dogs at AllPetSolutions

    Keep your pup warm after a walk in the rain, swim in the sea or a bath and prevent them from soiling walls and furniture with our range of dog bathrobes and towels.

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    2 products

    Why choose a Dog Drying Towel?

    We all love
    our pooches, but one of the things we love a little less is wet fur... AllPetSolutions
    stock a complete range of drying towels and towel dog coats, keeping
    your furry friend warm and comfortable, and your car and home clean and dry!
    Choose from a selection of comfy, soft, microfibre dog bathrobes and absorbent
    dog towels, perfect to use after outdoor adventures and bath times.

    Which Dog Drying Towel is right for my dog?

    When you're
    choosing towels for dogs, the perfect product for your canine will fit them
    well without being restrictive. This means they have the freedom to move around
    and will feel snuggly and cosy as they dry off from their soggy walks.

    How do Drying Coats for Dogs work?

    design means that towel dog coats stay firmly on, collecting water, dirt and mud
    from your dog's fur as they dry off. If you're unsure what size to choose,
    measure your pup from their neck to the base of their towel - all AllPetSolutions
    dog drying coats have a handy size guide to help!

    is highly absorbent, so helps fur to dry faster, stops your dog getting cold,
    and is machine washable for the ultimate convenience. Clever tail loops mean
    your pup will be happy to wear their smart new coat, with a reasonably loose
    fit to give plenty of room for moisture to be absorbed. Best of all, your car
    seats and walls will remain water and dirt free!

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