When is the Wild Bird Nesting Season?

As we creep into spring, you might just be seeing new visitors in your bird box nest and birds nests appearing in the trees as your feathered friends start preparing for their new arrivals!

The nesting season runs from March until August most years (although a lot depends on how kindly the weather treats us!).

Here are some tips to protect the welfare of your wild birds as they rear their chicks from the AllPetSolutions team.

What Should I Do During the Wild Bird Nesting Season?

Nesting can start in March, so we'd suggest you avoid cutting your hedges or trees, as some birds can nest outside rather than making their home in a bird box nest.

You can also:

Put up extra bird box nest boxes around your property - try the Paint Your Own Bird Box kit for a fun activity with the kids!
Make sure your wild bird food is placed on a hanging feeder, like the Wild Bird Nut Feeder, so birds aren't exposed to predators while searching for a snack.
Check for birds nests before you do any work in the garden to avoid disturbing a little batch of eggs.

When is the Right Time to Put Out Wild Bird Food?

Early spring is the crucial time when you should start leaving out wild bird food!

Although we all know that birds need fat balls in the winter, many people don't realise that natural food is scarce in the spring, and a little extra Wild Bird Mix or Sunflower Hearts can go a long way to helping them care for their chicks.

What is the Best Food to Put in Wild Bird Feeders During Breeding Season?

You'll find plenty of options in our Wild Bird Food catalogue - the ideal food includes sunflower seeds, seed mixtures, mealworms, and even mild grated cheese!

Quality food designed specifically for wild bird feeders is perfect, as it won't contain any additives or preservatives in human food that aren't suitable for our feathered guests.