Why Do Cats Like Cat Towers?

Kitties love to be up high, and you're very likely to have found them sleeping in some decidedly awkward looking spots! That's because height equals safety, and cats prefer to be out of reach with a clear view of their kingdom before they settle down for an uninterrupted snooze.

Cat activity centres are a great option, with multiple games, toys, sensory surfaces and sleeping posts where your feline can keep a careful eye on you!

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Do I Need a Specific Height Cat Tower?

Not really, no. If you have more than one feline or are brave enough to have dogs and cats living side by side, any trees for cats that is out of each reach of their furry family members can restore harmony.

Most kitties prefer to have somewhere safe to escape, either to wind down or stay away from conflict. Just as a dog crate is a haven in your home, a cat tower is a place for a shy or tired cat to relax.

You can also try out a Hanging Cat Scratcher, which is perfect for playful felines who like to scratch and tug, but aren't so keen on heights!

The best scratching posts for cats offer a range of textures, are super hard-wearing, and aid your kitty's wellbeing by encouraging natural instincts, as well as being a cosy place to nap.

Which is the Best Cat Activity Centre?

A complete play centre is ideal, since it offers all the benefits of a cat tower, with tunnels, toys and textures.

Our Large Cat Tree Tower is an excellent choice for cats who love a tall lookout post, with soft plush linings and a comfortable hammock that moulds around the shape of your cat, so they feel perfectly at home.