Why Do Cats Like Scratching?

Every cat loves to scratch; and if they're taking out their enthusiasm on your sofa or decor, it might be high time to consider investing in a scratching post for cats.

There are lots of reasons this is natural behaviour:

  • Scratching shows happiness and releases excitement.
  • Cats claws are essential for climbing and catching, so they need to keep them sharp!
  • Overgrown claws can cause tremendous discomfort and problems.
  • Scratching leaves behind a scent, which marks their territory.

If you're struggling to stop your cat scratching, the reality is that they probably won't. Particularly indoor cats need a large cat scratch post to sharpen and file down their claws, as they won't be traversing rough fences, concrete and brickwork as an outdoor moggie will.

An excellent quality cat activity centre is a perfect solution, since it allows your cat to scratch safely, protects your furniture from damage, and keeps them healthy and active all at once!

Do I Need a Cat Scratch Post - or Will Anything Do?

We'd always recommend getting cat furniture specifically designed for felines. While many cats will scratch their claws on trees or walls outdoors, anything that isn't animal friendly poses a risk.

Trees for cats are made from non-toxic, chemical-free rope fibres and are safe for even tiny kittens.

Our Hanging Cat Scratcher with Mouse Toy is a firm feline favourite, and can be conveniently hung anywhere in your house!

The Cat Stand Scratching Post incorporates a fun swing toy, to keep your kitty engaged and playful, and their claws under control.

Another bestseller is the Climbing/Scratching Tower, with a snuggly hideaway as well as a tough cat scratching post to keep their instincts happy and your cat settled.

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