Where Should I Put My Dog's Bed in the House?

The best place to put your dog's beds very much depends on their age and the layout of your home. Ideal spots are quiet, away from foot traffic (i.e. noisy TVs or running feet!) and somewhere they can settle.

Many people choose to put their dog pillow beds upstairs, close to the bedrooms, or even adjacent to their bed when a pup is young. This can make them feel secure, and mean everybody gets a great night's sleep!

However, a word of warning that habits in dogs are tough to break, so if you'd prefer your pup to sleep downstairs, it may be worth using a stair gate and/or crate training in the early days. There will doubtless be plenty of whining, barking, or howling, but if you can tough it out, it will save a lot of stress in the long run.

Does It Matter Which Room My Dog Sleeps In?

It can, yes. Anywhere that is cold, drafty, or too warm can make it hard for a canine to nap, even on the best quality dog beds!

Directly underneath a radiator, in a colder spot, or somewhere they're likely to get underfoot is always a bad idea. Think about corners where they can sleep undisturbed, and somewhere away from the front door where they might be spooked awake.

Tired pups can be as irritable as people, and lack of sleep is bad for everybody's health, so it's worth thinking about the best spot for your dog mattresses.

It's also a good idea not to change their bed location often since dogs need time to get used to their new sleeping arrangements until they feel confident and safe enough to drift off to dreamland undisturbed.

Which Dog Beds are Best for Which Rooms?

Should you have a snug spot in the kitchen, we'd recommend a washable dog bed, or one with removable covers, since kitchen smells during the day can accumulate. The Dexter Waterproof Dog Bed is a great choice!

A snuggly soft den is ideal for a sitting room or bedroom, and will ensure your pooch is nicely cocooned all night long! The Bella Soft Dog Bed will look great in any lounge.

If you have an older dog, or one who prefers to have open lines of sight (think a nervy collie who gets anxious if they can't see what's happening!), dog mattress beds are a perfect solution. Our Grayson Luxury Memory Foam Dog Bed is excellent for calming nervy pups.

Wherever you decide to put your dog beds, it's also worth remembering they might have different ideas - and if they've found a corner where they feel most at home, it's usually a good idea just to go with it!

Visit the AllPetSolutions Dog Beds range for more ideas about the best dog beds for your home!