Where Should My Cat Sleep?

It's no secret that cats can be fickle creatures, and change their preferred sleeping spot at the drop of a hat!

If you have a new kitten, you're bound to want to set them up in a routine, and if you have an older cat, you'll need to decide where to put their cat bed.

Interestingly, animal psychologists have identified that:

  • 34% of felines prefer to sleep on your bed (hello, fluff!).
  • 22% sleep primarily on furniture.
  • 20% choose their own bed as their preferred location.

So, if you're not a fan of waking up to a mouthful of fur, and would like to avoid claw marks on your sofa, choosing great luxury cat beds is essential to entice the attraction of your favourite feline!

Cat Beds for Comfy Nap Times

The best thing to do is select a spot you'd prefer your cat to sleep, and see whether they feel comfortable there - you can't force a cat to remain in one place, so a lot depends on how active they are at night!

  • Places out of the way, clear of foot traffic are ideal.
  • Choose a spot that isn't drafty or directly next to a heating appliance.
  • Your cat will always need access to fresh water, so there ideally shouldn't be a closed door between their cat bed and their feeding station.

For many kittens, which do feel safest near to their humans, a soft and cosy blanket is a perfectly good option - and you can decide whether to invest in an adult cat bed when they're fully-grown!

Older cats typically prefer to be left alone, so a plush-lined bed is best. It's also worth thinking about washable cat beds if you have a drooler.

Wherever you decide to put your cat bed, it's best to leave it there for a little while to give your kitty time to explore.

If you'd like inspiration about the vast range of luxury cat beds and blankets, visit the AllPetSolutions website!