How Often Should I Wash My Dog's Jacket and Harness?

Like many things about dog ownership, how often you need to clean your dog jackets depends on how mucky your pup likes to get! If you have a puppy that delights in rolling in fox mess, then you're probably familiar with the daily wash cycle that is the only way to get rid of an awful smell...

However, generally, you only need to wash your dog's coat every few months - about once every three months is typical.

If you do find yourself needing to clean the dog coat more often, it's best to opt for a gentle shampoo to avoid any irritants from cleaning materials getting onto your dog jackets.

Wax jackets and smarter coats are usually water repellent, and frequent washing can strip out the essential oils, so always check the label before putting a dog coat in the washing machine!

Which Dog Coats are Easiest to Clean?

Many breeds with longer fur generally don't need a coat apart from in the coldest of winters - for those pooches; a great harness is often a great solution.

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Still, if you have a smaller breed or lean dog that needs a dog coat in colder weather, choosing one that is easier to clean will make life a little simpler:

  • Wipeable fabrics are fast to clean, and can usually be washed with a quick swipe of a cloth without needing to put them through a machine. The Adjustable Red Harness for a dog comes with wipe-clean material and an air mesh fabric for fast drying.
  • The Dog Reflective Strip Harness in a super-cute doughnut design looks good enough to eat! It's also easy to clean with a strong fabric that scrubs up nicely with a quick hand wash or wipe.
  • Waterproof dog coats like the Waterproof Warm Jacket are ideal at repelling water and are machine washable for a fast clean.

A quick hand wash is fine in most cases, and you can leave your dog coat to dry on the radiator ready for a new outing in the morning.

Should you have a pup who likes to get particularly muddy, always check the label for washing instructions and look for dog jackets that are machine washable if you're expecting to come up against grime that can't be cleaned by hand!