Is My Dog Warm Enough When Walking?

As the weather dips and the roads get icy, many dog walkers fret about whether their beloved pooch is warm enough!

The reality is that most larger breeds or dogs with longer fur probably don't need a dog coat most of the time - but if it gets really freezing, it pays to wrap up warm to save having to avoid a walk altogether.

Some breeds have dog coats for much of the year, particularly if they're walked, or bounce out into the garden to exercise, early in the morning when it tends to be cooler.

Dog jackets are popular with thin-coated dogs, with smaller frames, or with very short fur - such as Chihuahuas, Greyhounds and toy breeds.

Not to worry if you've got a gentle giant who needs to wrap up warm in the snow though - the Dog Coats range at AllPetSolutions has options in every size you can imagine!

Do All Breeds of Dog Need Dog Jackets?

In a word, no! Some breeds are designed to withstand seriously tough weather conditions and are far more likely to overheat in summer than to feel the chill in winter.

Think about Newfoundlands, Akitas, mountain dogs and shepherds; they all have the thick coats, tough skin and the bodyweight to cope with almost anything a British winter could throw at them! 

If you're worried, then if your dog is shivering, walking slowly, showing signs of nervousness, refusing to walk, or holding up their paws, they are definitely too cold and need to get inside quickly, and pop on a snuggly warm dog coat next time.

Ice can cause no end of problems, too, so give a bit of thought to where you're walking. Grit on the roads, chemicals from de-icer and sharp surfaces can all cause injuries and damage to doggie paw pads, so stick to the fields where you can.

If the nights have got a little darker in the winter months, you may wish to have you pup in a reflective dog coat, ensuring everyone can safely see him!

Our favourite fleeces, dog jumpers, and best dog coats for a cosy winter walk include:

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  • Scruffs Quilted Thermal Dog Coat in luxurious chocolate for protection from wind and rain, the ideal waterproof dogs coat.

If you can't make your mind up, visit the complete Dogs Jackets and see what styles best suit your pup's personality!