UV Sterilisers: How To Make Sure You Get The Right One

UV lights for ponds and aquarium UV sterilisers do the same, very important job! They use powerful, yet safe, UV light to eliminate dangerous waterborne pathogens and nasties, breaking down harmful materials to be easily filtered away from your fish.

The beauty of using UV light is that it is perfectly safe for your fins, and can avoid needing to use any harsher water treatments than is necessary.

A pond UV steriliser is a must-have to avoid murky green water and a build-up of too many algae.

Given the vast range of UV lights here at AllPetSoutions, we've put together a quick guide to help you choose the best one!

Choosing a UV Steriliser Lamp

Firstly, you'll see both low-pressure and high-pressure lamps in our catalogues. For aquarium UV sterilisers, you're best with a low-pressure lamp, which targets tank germicides, and has a lower power usage. 

High-pressure pond UV sterilisers are best for larger water volumes, and for the bigger ponds which need to work harder to keep algae at bay.

What Size Aquarium UV Sterilisers Do I Need?

Once you've chosen the right pressure for your fish habitat, you'll need to decide what length of lamp to use. Our range of AllPondSolutions units are all built in within the filter unit meaning it's easy to use a compatible UV with your filter. 

The more powerful the UV light, the longer the lamp needs to be, so for tropical aquarium UV sterilisers you're looking for around a 3-5 inch diameter lamp that has the right balance of power to sterilise your water evenly.

Remember, if you're ever unsure, all the AllPetSolutions UV lamps will explain what size of tank or pond they're suited for, and you can always contact our aquatic team if you need some expert help!

Where to Install My UV Lights for Ponds?

There are lots of ways to connect your UV steriliser. Some tanks have a lamp fitting, and others have a hanging attachment that fits onto the outside of the tank and needs to be fitted to your pump.

Whether a pond UV steriliser or a set of aquarium UV lights, they will need a water flow and a pump, as the water is pumped through the chamber to be treated by the UV lighting.

Once fitted, your UV steriliser will get straight to work - and it's always worth keeping a close eye on water temperature, filters and testing the oxygen levels to make sure everything is working together in harmony!