What Type of Dog Bowl Does My Dog Need?

Choosing dog bowls isn't always the easiest decision - think about:

  • What height should your dog food bowl be?
  • Stainless steel or ceramic?
  • How large should your bowl be?

Here we'll run through a quick guide to choosing the best dog feeding station for your pup, whether a small breed or a giant hound!

Best Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

Stainless steel is a practical, no-nonsense option, and ideal for clumsy, large or messy pups. It is dishwasher safe, unbreakable, and lightweight if you need to pack up your dog for a journey.

Try the Facet Round Bowl in sizes Small or Large with a tough melamine outer and stainless steel inner bowl.

Best Raised Dog Food Bowls

Raised feeders are great for larger breeds that are prone to joint distress and strain on their necks and spines when bending and stooping to eat.

Our Ripple Dog Bowl is 100% dishwasher safe, and with a comfortable raised height and a non-slip base to keep mealtimes mess-free.

Best Bowls for Puppies

Smaller pups need smaller bowls - their tiny necks can't reach far, after all! Check out the Twill Round Bowl in size Small for little dogs.

A Silicone Feeding Mat is also well worth considering to avoid too many messes!

Best Dog Feeding Station for Overweight Canines

If you're carefully watching your dog's weight, it can be tricky to know if you are feeding them enough. Large dog bowls can be deceptive, but at the same time, you don't want your fluffy friend to go hungry!

The Digital Dog Weighing Bowl is a perfect solution and automatically weighs the food to ensure you dispense the ideal amount, at every dinnertime.

For more inspiration, visit the complete Dog Bowls range at AllPetSolutions!