Travelling with Pets: Our Top Tips for Stress Free Pet Travel

There are many reasons we may need to transport our pets, this could be for vet visits, holidays or trips to the local park. Here we have conducted some top tips to make these journeys stress free and enjoyable for your pet.

- Make sure you have a comfortable spot in your car for your pet, this could be the back seat, the boot or even a pet carrier. Ensure they have a blanket or some bedding from home so they can be as comfortable as possible. 

- Always have an ID tag for your pet attached to their collar, as well as their microchip (in compliance to UK law). Make sure all details are up to date – if you are staying at another house to your own, put the new house details on the tag.

- Remember to bring treats, extra food and water – especially on those long haul journeys, we have a wide variety of treats available.

- First aid supplies and medication – make sure your pet is up to date with all its jabs and has spare medication if on a prescription. We would also suggest investing in a small medial pet kit which should include some saline solution, antiseptic wipes and bandages.

- Treat pouches’ and collapsible water bowls.

- If your pet suffers from travel sickness or anxiety, it may be a good idea to have a look into some homeo-treatments and remedies to help ease their stress while travelling: 

- Doggy seatbelt – these help keep your dog from wandering around the car and being a potential distraction., also if you are in an accident they keep the dog safe in place and could prevent serious injury. 

- Pack your pets favourite toys or blanket so they have a comfort away from home!

- If taking your dog on holiday we would recommend having a long retractable lead as pictured below:

- Exercise before you leave – try to tire out your pet as much as you can before the journey, take them for a long walk or have a playtime session. This will allow them to be more relaxed on their journey. 

- Allow your pet to have regular bathroom breaks to avoid any accidents! This may be more difficult for some other pets such as cats, but you can always add some paper towels or training mats to their carrier to make any accidents easy to clean.