How to Get Your Cat Summer Ready

As we look forward to warmer days and balmy evenings, it's also a period that can be uncomfortable for cats, particularly those who dislike the heat or have longer coats!

From regular grooming to cooling mats for cats, cat feeders for those day trips and parasite prevention, we've listed all the important things to consider so your kitty is ready for summer.

How to Keep Cats Cool in Warmer Weather

The easiest way to ensure your kitty stays cool is to pick up a Self-Cooling Mat.

This small model is suited to cats of all ages and is one of the best cooling mats for cats since you don't need to worry about topping it up or finding space in the freezer.

As your cat sheds their winter coat, it'll need a decent groom with a cat hairbrush and a flea treatment for cats since the flea population multiplies in the summer.

The Johnson's Veterinary 4Fleas treatment is suitable for cats or kittens and works in just 15 minutes.

It's also worth investing in a quality cat brush to remove excessive growth and mats or burrs if you have a wild outdoor explorer!

What Are the Risks to Cats in the Summer?

The summer means toxic plants that thrive in the sunshine and necessary parasite prevention to avoid flies laying eggs in food!

A cat feeder is a failsafe if your paws don't eat everything at lunchtime - you can even choose an automated cat feeder that will dispense programmed amounts so you know food isn't sitting in your cat bowls for hours at a time.

Check out our Cat Feeding Stations catalogue for ideas!

The Double Bowl Cat Feeder is a great option for the summer since the cool white repels the heat, and you can remove the dishwasher safe stainless steel bowls for washing between meals.

How Can I Ensure My Cat Doesn't Overheat?

Good hydration is vital, and if you are away from home during the day, a water fountain for cats is an excellent solution.

They keep the water flowing, so it tastes fresher and will entice your cat to quench their thirst without having an off-putting dusty bowl.

Keeping spare cat bowls to hand is a practical option and essential if you feed wet food (parasite prevention is massively important in the heat!).