How to Encourage Your Puppy to Stop Using Puppy Pads?

The period between tiny puppyhood and adolescence varies between dogs; usually, larger breeds take slightly longer to mature and get to grips with puppy house training.

It's usually best to err on the side of caution and keep the puppy training pads available for a little while after you think you've cracked the house training. Taking the pads away too soon might mean your pup takes a step backwards if they have an accident and their confidence is knocked!

Bumper packs of puppy training pads are an affordable way to have a back-up stash should you need them.

AllPetSolutions Large Puppy Toilet Training Pads come in a massive box of 100, to save on a trip to the store every few days!

But, if you think your small paws are ready to progress, there are a few ways to help them catch on.

Weaning a Puppy Away from Puppy Pads

Here are a few simple ways to encourage your canine to pee outside, and help them understand the commands you're giving them:

  1. First up, remember that your puppy will be very confused if you just remove their familiar puppy house training pads! Slowly move the pad closer to the door, a little every day, and your pup will get used to doing their business nearer to the garden.
  2. Always use positive praise! Even the smartest of pups will have an accident now and then (their bladders are teeny tiny!) so having a decent cleaner on hand will make it less stressful. The Johnson's Clean 'n' Safe Odour Remover is a great option.
  3. Learn the cues that your pup needs to go - sniffing in their pee pad spot, turning in circles, or establishing a routine will mean you've got a good idea about when it's time! If you open the door and pop the pad outside, or grab the lead and take your fluff for a quick circuit, they will soon associate peeing with the outdoors.

Don't forget to remind your puppy how awesome they are every time they get it right!

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