How to Get Rid of Smells on Your Cat?

With the best will in the world, some of our favourite moggies live for the thrill of adventure, and tend to return home just a little less than fragrant! 

If you have a cat who rolls, sprays or gets caught up in lots of sticky situations, choosing the right cat grooming products will keep your home fresh, and your feline friend happy.

It's also worth considering whether there is something other at play than a mischievous appetite for adventure. Cats by their nature are clean and tidy creatures, so it is unusual for your cat to carry any strong fragrances for long.

Reasons for Cats Being Smelly

Your feline fragrance may be as innocent as getting out of their depth or encountering something irresistibly sticky. However, if this is a regular occurrence, there could be something else going on.

  • Bad breath in cats is often a sign of dental health issues, gum disease or even something more serious such as kidney problems. It is worth getting this checked out by the vet - sometimes bad breath can be as harmless as some lodged food, which can be remedied with a quick clean and polish!
  • Skin odours can be a result of a health condition or advancing age that is preventing your cat from being able to groom properly. Giving them a helping hand with washing and cleaning will make them feel comfortable and smart again! Skin odours that don't go away could mean anything from a yeast infection, food allergies, hidden cuts or scrapes that need some TLC, or parasites. If you've washed your kitty and something isn't right, have your vet take a look.
  • Ear problems are usually an indication of either a wax build-up or an ear infection that needs to be treated quickly. Regular cleaning can prevent wax from accumulating in your kitty's ears, and drops and treatments will shake off any mites or infections.
  • Litter box issues are rare since most cats prefer to feel clean and polished! If your cat does have any unpleasant fragrances, it may be that they are suffering from digestive issues, and making simple changes to their diet will make your feline friend much happier - and your home fresh again! This sort of issue can also indicate a UTI, glandular problems or underlying illnesses, so if it happens often or doesn’t go away, it's time to take that trip to the vet.

Most cat fragrances are perfectly normal, and following a healthy grooming and cleaning routine will make sure your kitty smells as cute as they look - if you're ever concerned, or washing doesn't remedy the bad smells, have your vet check it out in case there is something else going on.

Shampooing and Bathing Your Cat

Cats don't tend to love water, although we have come across a few exceptions! Ideally, your cat should only be washed occasionally, and around every 4-6 weeks is ideal. Washing helps to prevent their coat from getting matted, although washing too often can cause dry skin problems and irritation.

To help get the balance right, a dry shampoo for cats is an excellent choice. This cat grooming product avoids the stress of water while neutralising bad smells and helping your kitty feel fresh and clean.

Combining a great dry shampoo for cats with regular grooming may avoid the need for that bath for a little while longer! Check out the Blueberry Muffin Dry Clean Spray - your kitty will thank you!

Quick Ways to Clean your Cat

Another smart solution is to use cat wipes. These are handy if you're travelling or short on time, and can remove dirt and unidentifiable stickiness from your cat's fur - without them batting an eyelid!

Johnson's Clean 'n' Safe Wipes contain Aloe Vera and Chamomile to soothe those sensitive coats, or the Pet Head Deshedding Wipes are great for cats that moult ferociously but are also bath resistant!

Can a Cat Conditioner Improve My Cat's Coat?

As with shampooing, bathing your cat needn't be too often, but using a cat conditioner or a leave-in treatment can improve their coat, while also removing any less than pleasant odours!

Take a look at the High Maintenance Leave In Conditioner for pampered friends who need a little help smelling their best!

Our top tip for removing cat odours is to wash them every few weeks, and stock up on cleaning cat wipes with natural ingredients to keep your kitty fresh, without the irritation.