Is it Bad to Sleep Next to Your Cat?

While we all know that a human bed is a favourite sleeping spot for most pets, is it really wise to allow your cat to make your pillow their regular haunt?

There are benefits to sleeping next to your cat:

  • Reduces stress.
  • Rhythmic breathing can help you sleep faster.
  • Having a warm snuggle is conducive to a good night's sleep.

However, there are some pretty serious negatives to bear in mind:

  • Cats are typically nocturnal and may disturb your sleep pattern.
  • They shouldn't ever sleep in a room with a young child or baby.
  • You might get a nip or a scratch on your toes (or your nose!).
  • Cat allergies can be aggravated by such close contact.
  • Felines can bring in parasites from outside.
  • If they have fleas, you can be bitten.

So, while we all love a kitty cuddle, it's advisable to encourage your feline to sleep in their own bed.

How Can I Get My Cat to Stop Sleeping on my Bed?

The best option is to buy them their very own luxury cat beds, and ensure it's positioned somewhere warm, quiet, out of drafts, and even in your room if your kitty loves to be closeby.

Having their own safe space is much healthier, and will ensure you get your rest too!

Washable cat beds are also a great option, particularly if you have an outdoor cat. Most have zippable covers that can be taken off for a quick machine wash, ridding them of muddy paw prints and stinky odours that you'd rather not sleep alongside.

The best cat beds act as a cocoon, so you'll want a size that is just right for your cat - they like to curl up in a ball for deep sleep, but will need enough room to wriggle and move.

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