What Size Dog Bowl Does My Dog Need?

Deciding on the right size dog bowls for your pup can be confusing, with millions of options out there. The trick is to consider your dog's breed and how much food they eat.

As a rough guide, you want your dog feeding station bowls to be about four times bigger than their average food quantity.

That means there is plenty of room for dinner without spilling over the sides, that your dog can comfortably reach their tea at the bottom of the bowl without stretching or straining, and that you can reliably measure out how much food you're giving them.

Worried that your pop gobbles down their meal too quickly? Try a Slow Feeder Bowl to encourage them to enjoy eating at a more leisurely pace!

How Do I Know How Much to Feed my Dog?

The next puzzle is around feeding quantities. Dogs need to eat depending on their age, size, breed and activity levels, so any two pups might need a different diet.

It also depends whether you feed a complete kibble, wet foods or raw meals, or a combination of all three!

Most dogs need around one to one and a half cups of food for every 10 kg of their weight. If you have a big GSD who weighs about 40 kilograms, you're aiming for somewhere in the region of four cups of food - say two at breakfast and two at dinner.

A Digital Smart Weighing Bowl is an excellent option if you want to keep track of what you're feeding!

Does It Matter What Height my Dog Food Bowl Is?

It can do, yes. Of course, your dog needs to reach, so a huge lip isn't going to be great for a teacup breed. Raised dog food bowls are popular since they avoid putting a strain on a dog's neck and spine and alleviate many digestive issues.

Check out the Elevated Diamond Dog Bowl for a great non slip dog bowl at a raised height!

For most pups, they are less concerned about what size their bowl is than what is in it - but by choosing the best dog bowl for your pup, you'll make dinnertime easier, cleaner and comfier.

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