Where Should You Keep a Cat Litter Tray?

Deciding where to put your cat litter box is a more important decision than it might sound! Place it somewhere drafty, exposed or cold, and your kitty won't use it (and wreak havoc on the garden instead!).

It's also crucial to think about hygiene and to choose somewhere easily accessible so you can clean it and swap out the litter tray liners when they become dirty.

The best location for a traditional square cat litter box is to go for a corner. That gives your kitty a full view of what's going on around her, with a solid wall behind.

Remember that even happy, confident cats are animals, and they need to have exit points and lines of sight to feel relaxed enough to do their business!

Hooded cat litter trays are another great option, and mean that your cat feels safe and secure without any stressors that might make them reluctant to use their litter tray.

Which is the Best Room in the House for a Litter Tray?

A lot depends on the layout of your property, and where your kitty spends most of their time.

The best cat litter trays for a lot of families are those that are easiest to clean. Popular spots include:

  • Bathrooms - light, quiet, warm, and wipe clean! Using litter tray liners will help avoid any smells and make the tray quick to swap out for new litter.
  • Laundry or utility rooms - cats won't be comfortable using a tray in a cupboard or dark corner, but still like their privacy, so a utility space is ideal.
  • Living rooms or hallways (provided it's in a space under the stairs or set back in a corner out of the way of feet!). Smart options like our Modern Cat Litter Box look stylish and sleek even in the most contemporary homes.

Provided it's somewhere you're happy to have your litter tray and isn't likely to be disturbed by other pets or kids, your moggie will be content to use their tray in peace and comfort.

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