How To Set Up Your Fish Tank

So you've ordered your beautiful aquarium, have the best aquarium filter and bags of gently sparkling gravel - but how do you get it all set up?

A fish tank is a notoriously delicate ecosystem, but don't be intimidated if you haven't had an aquarium before! The AllPetSolutions aquatics team list our step-by-step guide to getting your aquarium up and running in no time.

Positioning your Fish Tanks and Heaters for Aquarium Settings

Firstly, work out where you want your fish tank to live. The type of tank and capacity will dictate the types of fish you want to keep, so if you're unsure, do your research and make sure you have the right kit.

For example, tropical fish need a warm habitat, so you'll need heaters for aquarium environments to keep them happy.

You'll need the right foods for fish depending on your chosen species, and remember that not all fish like to live together, so make sure you select species that are friends if you want a variety of colours in your fish tank!

Make sure your aquarium is close to a plug socket since you'll need to plug in your aquarium external filters, LED lights and any other electronic accessories!

Setting Up Your Aquarium

Give all your ornaments, plants, gravel in aquarium blends and decorations a rinse. Never use soap - good old fashioned water is sufficient, and anything with chemicals can be very dangerous for fish.

You'll want a varied and diverse environment for happy fish, so think about aquascaping plants for an aquarium, and invest in aquarium water treatments depending on the species you've chosen. Dechlorinator is essential, as you'll need to treat tap water to make it safe for fins.

The next step is to put all your components together, test equipment such as your aquarium filters and LED lights, and now look at maturing your water.

AllPetSolutions have written a separate article explaining how to do this. Still, in essence, you want to treat your water or introduce some hardy fish first, to ensure that there aren't any harmful ammonia or nitrites remaining in the water, and a healthy bacteria colony has been established to help your aquarium filter do its job.

Once your tank is set up, your water matured, and all your air pumps and lighting tested, you're ready to introduce your fish to their new home!