10% off Dog Beds - Free UK Delivery - No minimum spend, 30 day easy returns.

10% off Dog Beds - Free UK Delivery - No minimum spend, 30 day easy returns.

Do Dogs Need Separate Beds?

So, is it worth buying multiple dog beds, if your pups always seem to end up sleeping together? Do puppies need their own space, or will snoozing with an older dog make them feel more settled?

If I Have Two Dogs, Do They Need One Bed Each?

The answer is that all dogs should have their own private quality dog beds - even if they only use them on occasion. Some animals delight in company, and sleep soundly squashed together in a bed for dog breeds much smaller than them!

However, dog beds aren't only a place to sleep - they are also a safe space, a private area, and a way for a pup to decompress and calm down after a busy day of adventuring.

AllPetSolutions has one of the largest selections of Dog Beds anywhere, and if you've decided to invest in a couple of dog pillow beds for your canines, have a look for a comfy bed that is best suited to the size of your dog!

What Sort of Dog Bed is Best for my Dog?

Littermates often sleep together in a deliciously tangled knot of fluff and paws, and this can give them a sense of familiarity and comfort.

As they grow and establish independence, older dogs need room to stretch and relax, without having pet beds for dogs that are too large to snuggle into. Each dog is different, and the ideal bed depends on their personality, size and breed!

Waterproof dog beds are the best for messy canines or puppies. We do a range of luxury bed for small dogs. If you have an older dog or a pup who struggles with stiff joints, a mattress dog bed is a sensible choice. 

Whichever dog mattresses you choose, as long as your canine has their own comfy space to relax, they will always get a great night's sleep - and can still sneak into the basket next door if they need a little company!

You can find the complete AllPetSolutions Dog Beds Range online in our comprehensive catalogue.

Do Dogs Need Separate Beds?