Are Puppy Training Pads a Good Idea?

Puppy training pads are one of the first things you'll need for a brand new pup. Of course, you can use newspapers or blankets, but puppy pads are doubtless the best tool for the job.

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Our AllPetSolutions puppy pads have multiple built-in functions to help keep your puppy house training cleaner, odour free, and a whole lot less stressful for both you and your paws!

  • Anti-slip backing and sticky tabs mean that the pads won't slide around underfoot, or move and miss catching your puppy's pee!
  • There are five layers of protection, which means that liquid can't seep or leak, and the odour is controlled.
  • A fast-drying top layer avoids a messy pup tracking their pee through the house, and is vital if you have carpets that you want to keep clean.

Another good option is to buy some puppy toilet training spray. This non-toxic spray delivers an appealing scent to your pup and helps them understand the right spot to do their business.

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Are There Alternatives to Puppy Pads?

There are; and a lot depends on how much time you spend outside, whether you are house training a tiny pup or an older dog who isn't used to living indoors, and whether you're with your canine friend all day to help them learn.

Puppy training pads are the easiest option for overnight, and for puppies that need to go at a moment's notice - but if you are with your pup most of the time, you can keep a watchful eye.

Once you learn their habits, routine and body language, you will be able to spot when it's time for a pee and take your puppy outside.

Another excellent option is to try a Toilet Training Bell! Although better suited to growing puppies rather than tiny newborns, the bell helps your pup signal that they need a walk or a trip to the garden - and if you utilise a training spray alongside it (and plenty of treats, of course!), it won't be long until they catch on.