Should I Use Puppy Pads at Night?

Puppy house training can feel like an uphill challenge, but it doesn't have to be a struggle with the right tools at your fingertips!

The AllPetSolutions team regularly receives enquiries asking for help about when to use puppy pads, and what to do at night, so we've summarised our puppy house training tips in this handy guide.

In short, a small pup has a tiny bladder, and asking them to hold it all night long isn't realistic. They're going to need frequent pee breaks until they are at least a few months old, and most breeds can go up to three hours or so at a time - and definitely not all night long.

The key to successful toilet training for new puppy owners is to be prepared, be armed with patience, and know how to house train puppies successfully.

Puppy Training Pads Tips and Advice

Here are a few top tips for stress-free puppy training!

  • Always buy puppy pads in bulk. You're going to need them, and have to appreciate that even a whip-smart pup will take a few weeks as a bare minimum to be fully toilet trained! Our 100 x Puppy Toilet Training Pads will see you through a few weeks at a time.
  • Put your pads in easy reach of your puppy‚Äôs bed or crate at nighttime. Going to the toilet in the house, or their crate, can cause significant distress if they know it's not what you want them to do, so ensure they have the option of a 'safe' place to pee, and your puppy will sleep much better.
  • Don't whip the puppy training pads away at the first sign of pee in the garden. These things do take time, and a puppy bladder takes months to grow, so even if they only occasionally use it, leaving out the pads at night will help them feel settled and relieve any anxiety.

How Can I Encourage My Puppy to Use Puppy Pads Overnight?

A puppy toilet training spray is well worth investing in. These sprays use natural scents to attract your pup to their pads, and mean that they can understand the right place to go much easier than having to learn verbal commands from their new humans!

Check out the Johnson's Puppy House Training Spray for an easy way to fast track your puppy house training.

For more puppy training aids, potty training aids and ideas visit the Toilet Training range at AllPetSolutions!