Puppy Toilet Training Pads at AllPetSolutions

Back by popular demand, All Pet Solutions are pleased to confirm we have fully restocked our best selling Puppy Toilet Training Pads!

Ideal for every set of fresh new paws, these puppy training pads are designed specifically to help keep your home fresh and clean while your newest doggie friend settles in.

Learning How to House Train Puppies

Every dog owner will remember those early days of puppyhood when even the smartest of dogs need some time to learn how the world works. 

Puppy house training usually takes a while, so we supply our puppy pads in a bumper pack size of 100 pads - an economical solution to save you the stress of running out of puppy pads at the worst possible time!

Sticky tabs ensure that the puppy house training pads stay put, with an anti-slip finish so that the fluffiest of paws can find a good grip. 

Combining pads with puppy toilet training spray is the fastest and easiest way to potty train your pup, and with an odour control properties, you needn't worry about keeping your home fresh (or dry)! 

Dogs are smart, so positioning the pads by the back door and slowly introducing them to the great outdoors is a gentle way to kickstart your puppy training positively.

Versatile Uses of Puppy Pads

Our pads are perfect for pups - but also serve as a multi-functional tool to make life with pooches that little bit easier. The leak-proof pads are ideal for golden oldies - especially when it's rainy, and they can't be encouraged to take a trip outside!

These lightweight, highly absorbent pads are also great for lining dog crates, bringing with you in the car, or placing under bowls to mop up the spills caused by messy eaters.

By designing our puppy training pads with five layers of protection, you can rest assured that the biggest of accidents will be dealt with - and the two generous sizes they are suitable for any breed.

AllPetSolutions 100x Puppy Toilet Training Pads – 60x90cm

AllPetSolutions 100x Puppy Toilet Training Pads – 60x40cm

Puppy house training has never been easier; so pick up your puppy pads today and enjoy the journey as your little canine grows!