How to Begin Puppy Pad Training?

Puppy pads are a vital part of toilet training a young dog, and to avoid any serious messes inside! Fortunately, there are tonnes of products available to streamline the process, and help your tiny paws catch on to their potty training regime in no time.

The key is never to rush it or think that your little fluff isn't progressing quickly enough. Every dog learns at its own pace, so never feel that your puppy house training isn't working - it's all about consistency, positive affirmations when your dog gets it right, and being patient and methodical with what you do when they don't.

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Top Tips for How to House Train Puppies

There are a few essential tools you're going to need in your arsenal:

  • Bumper packs of high quality, super absorbent puppy pads. Check out the cost-effective AllPetSolutions 100 Pack at a generous 60 x 90 cm size to avoid any splashes or mishaps!
  • A strong cleaning spray for the inevitable mistakes that happen with every pup! The Johnson's Clean 'n' Safe Odour Remover is perfect.
  • Puppy toilet training spray - we love the Simple Solution spray, which attracts puppies to the right spot to help them catch on faster.
  • Patience, and buckets of it!

Puppy house training works best by starting as you mean to go on. Place your puppy pads in a convenient place; usually somewhere by the back door, or near to the entrance to your garden is ideal.

As your pup learns, try not to scold them for an accident, but use positive reinforcement through praise, treats, or a good old belly rub to show them they have been a good boy or girl when they go on the pads.

A spray is an excellent choice, since it releases a scent that entices a puppy, and makes them understand naturally that it's the right place to go to the toilet.

Once your puppy has mastered the pads, you can gradually move them closer to the door, and remember to keep reminding them what a great job they are doing!

Each time a young pup goes on their walk, or in the garden, they get further positivity. As your dogs' tiny puppy bladders grow, they'll be able to hold it for longer and be keen to go outside when they know they'll get a suitable reward for their excellent behaviour.

Remember - it takes time, and a lot of patience, but by supporting your puppy and letting them know when they've been good, it won't be long before your puppy house training is but a fond memory!