AllPetSolutions: Puppy Nutrition Q&A

New to puppy ownership and have a stack of questions about what to feed them, how close to put their bowls next to their dog bed, or what sort of dogfood to offer?

The AllPetSolutions Q&A will answer all of your pressing queries!

When Should I Feed My Puppy?

Most puppies eat small amounts, and often. Depending on their age, you would normally feed them three meals a day, with breakfast at around 7 am, lunch at midday and dinner at 5 pm.

Tiny breeds might eat less but need to eat about four to six times per day until they are three months old, whereas a medium breed will eat three meals daily.

How Much Food Does My Puppy Need?

Overfeeding can cause no end of health issues! Weigh your pup to ensure you know their body weight, and aim for around 20 grams of food for every kilo.

For example, if your pup weighs five kilos, you should feed them 100 grams of dogfood every 24 hours.

How Many Treats Can I Feed My Puppy?

Who doesn't love to spoil a baby pup with plenty of treats? Still, be cautious that your puppy isn't so full of goodies they won't eat their regular meals. Treats should make up around 10% of your dog's calories per day, so try and stick to that as a maximum.

What Size Dogfood Bowl Should I Get For a Puppy?

Double bowls are normally the easiest bet; you can put food on one side and water the other, or have one bowl for dry puppy kibble and the other for wet food.

Our Double Bowl Feeder comes in Small, Large or XL sizes, or the Silicone Slow Feeder Mat is an ideal slowfeeder for dogs to help your puppy regulate its appetite and avoid digestive issues.

How Can I Portion My Puppy's Food if I Am Out?

We'd recommend a smart pet auto feeder; this device dispenses your programmed amount of food to stop greedy puppies from eating everything in sight!

Puppies thrive on routine, so you can pick up a Smart Pet Auto Feeder with built-in Wi-Fi and even a camera to keep an eye on your playful puppy and ensure they're eating nicely.

How Can I Make Sure My Puppy Drinks Enough Water?

Placing fresh water in a water bowl for dogs close to their dog bed will ensure your pup can have a drink overnight - make sure to keep replacing the water and offer a fresh drink every time you feed your puppy.

If your pup doesn't seem to drink enough, try a water fountain to encourage them to keep hydrated!

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