How to Protect Your Dog From the Sun?

We all get a spring in our step when the sun starts to shine - and we get that unmistakable feeling of warmth on our skin when we take our dogs for their daily rambles!

But, it's massively important to think about cooling products for dogs and dog bowls to take with you on your adventures since thick coats can make the summer pretty uncomfortable when the temperature starts to rise.

This guide from the AllPetSolutions canine team runs through our tips to keep your pooch cool and collected throughout the summer months.

How Can I Keep My Dog Cool on Walks in Hot Weather?

It's tricky because you can't restrict exercise all summer (nor would your dog thank you!), but that stroll along the beach becomes a chore for dogs that dislike the heat.

Here's what we'd suggest:

Schedule your walks early in the morning or evening when the ground and air are a little cooler.
Check the tarmac if you walk along a road - if it's too warm for your hand, it's too hot for your pup's paws!
Invest in some dog travel bowls, so you've got a ready supply of fresh water; our Dog Walking Water Bowl is a great option as you can fold it flat and tuck it in your bag or keep it in the car.

If you can't avoid being in the sun during the midday hours, you need to ensure your dog has shade, protection from direct sunlight and somewhere cool to rest.

What is the Best Way to Help My Dog Stay Cool at Home?

Cooling products for dogs are a worthwhile investment.

Some of the most popular options are the Gel Self Cooling Pet Mat (particularly if you're out and about and don't have access to a freezer) and the super-cute Dog Cooling Vest.

You can pop cooling dog mats in the freezer, or a gel option is portable so you can lay it in the car or bring it with you for days out, so your pup doesn't start to struggle.

Which Are the Best Cooling Products for Dogs With Heavier Coats?

Larger breeds and thick-coated dogs need a super-sized solution! You can order cooling products for dogs up to size XL - but here's a fun idea.

Why not fill up the paddling pool, and put it in a shady spot? Big dogs will love relaxing their fur into the cool water but might need a little convincing to leave the pool when it's time for dinner!