How to Protect Your Pet From the Colder Weather

As winter draws in and the clocks go back, it's time to start thinking about protecting your pets from frost, rain and ice.

Most dog breeds still love a walk (whatever the weather!), so it's best to have a few dog blankets or warm coats for dogs to hand to have on rotation throughout the winter.

Let's run through some of the top recommendations from the AllPetSolutions canine team to keep your paws toasty warm this season!

Easy Ways to Keep Dogs Warm on Winter Walks

We'll start with the outdoors, and a jumper for dog breeds that have thin coats or don't carry much body fat is essential.

Breeds like greyhounds or teacup pups need a little extra help as soon as the mercury dips - and they're also adorable!

Check out our Dog Jumpers range for a tonne of options to fit pups from the most miniature Yorkies to sensitive giants.

Waterproof Dog Coats are also perfect for wetter weather conditions and mean it's much easier to clean your pet when you get home.

If it's icy or windy, Warm Dog Coats are another solution, with fleece linings, splash guards, reflective strips and soft, cosy padding.

Keeping Dogs Warm and Dry in Cold Weather

Once you're back inside, using drying coats for dogs will ensure they shake off the chill and don't become poorly.

We'd recommend using dog jackets if your paws like to take a dip in the sea or river, followed by drying coats for dogs back at home.

Dog Bathrobes and Drying Coats are also great for grooming and help furrier breeds dry faster!

The Best Beds and Dog Blankets for Winter

Finally, there's nothing better than tucking up your treasured pet for a warm night's sleep after a busy day of adventures.

Thermal dog beds and dog blankets keep the chill away and help older dogs or those with stiff joints feel happy and relaxed out of the cold air.

Visit our catalogue of Thermal Dog Beds for inspiration, or pick up some snuggly Dog Blankets to keep your pet comfortable all night long!