Top Five Aquarium Plants for Beginners

Aquascaping your aquarium is as beneficial to the health of your fish as it is beautiful to look at. Plants in aquarium environments provide natural filtration and improve the quality of water in your tank.

However, with so many aquascaping plants for an aquarium, it can be challenging to know where to start! AllPetSolutions has rounded up the five easiest aquarium plants for beginners to aquarium planting.

  1. Java Fern

With different size and leaf varieties, the Java Fern grows quickly and doesn't need bright lighting to thrive. 

The Fern is tough and easy to grow, happy to live in shady spots, and grows healthily on rocks and wood as well as gravel. Being suited to hard water, soft water, and any Co2 level makes this a great addition to lay the foundation of your aquascaping.

  1. Anubias

An Anubias brings lush, deep greenery to your aquascape, and grows upwards from the bottom of your tank when secured to wood or rocks. They are simple to care for, durable, and cope well, even in sudden water changes.

Anubias live best in shadier or darker light environments and are available in a wide variety of shapes and sides. Check out our Tropica Anubias Petite, Tropica Anubias Barteri Nana and Tropica Anubias Barteri Caladiifolia.

  1. Polysperma

Most Polysperma, such as the AllPetSolutions Tropica Hygrophila Polysperma, come potted and grow rapidly in well lit aquarium planting. This has to be one of the fastest-growing aquarium plants and can expand by inches in mere days!

Leaf cuttings can be replanted, and as the leaves mature, they take on an elegant pink hue.

  1. Cryptocoryne Beckettii

This is another one of the plants for aqauriums that requires minimal upkeep. Our Tropica Cryptocoryne Beckettii 'Petchii' are small Sri Lankan aqurium plants that are very tolerant of most conditions.

The plants cope best under low to medium lighting and create dynamic aquascaping features when planted in the middle of the aqaurium, where the red-tined leaves offset green aqaurium planting beautifully.

  1. Bacopa Caroliniana

As an ideal backdrop to aquascaping, the Bacopa Caroliniana can live in a diverse range of water conditions, including variable ph levels, and is happy in both low and high lighting.

This plant grows slowly, and so is a rare stem plant that can be left to its own devices, and createa pretty, gentle and stable backdrop again other plants for the aqaurium.

For advice about all things aquascaping, gravel, fertiliser and aqaurium iupkeep, contact the AllPetSolutions team for help choosing the best plants for the aqaurium that are simple to care for!